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Investment approach

Who we advise

Client confidentiality doesn’t allow us to disclose specific clients, but below we give some examples of client profiles and investment mandates.

UK corporate pension fund

  • Discretionary mandate
  • Generate capital gains of Libor + 6-8% per annum
  • Correlation < 0.2 with public equity markets
  • Sharpe ratio > 1
  • 40% of the portfolio to be in less liquid strategies.

Brazilian multi-family office

  • Advisory mandate
  • Target double digit absolute returns
  • No concentration limits or volatility constraints
  • Ability to invest in any asset class
  • Focus is on relatively liquid opportunities, but with some flexibility

UK multi-family office

  • Income mandate
  • Aim to provide predictable cash flows streams via a diversified set of secured direct lending strategies
  • Target LIBOR +3-6%
  • Target loan tenor < 12 months
  • Volatility <2%; correlation to equities < 0.3

German institutional investor

  • Due diligence done in-house by the client
  • Target highly secured (quasi government backed) investment strategies
  • Modest return target EURIBOR +2-3%
  • Capacity is a constraint – must be able to invest at least €250m in the strategy