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Responsible investing

ARP’s responsible investing philosophy

As an investment advisor, capital allocator and employer, we believe that ARP have the duty to carefully assess the implications of any potential investment, advice or other action we take, on the environment and society. We believe that our thematic focus, searching for investment opportunities which are driven by secular megatrends (e.g. climate change), provide an enhanced framework for delivering superior long-run risk-adjusted returns whilst complying with the standards of responsible investing that we have forced upon ourselves.

The intention is that our investment decisions, advice and other actions contribute to a positive net outcome from an environmental and/or social perspective in aggregate. This includes improvements from a less desirable starting point where there is a positive direction of travel. We are very cognisant of the fact that the assessment that needs to be undertaken is often complex, opaque and multi-faceted, and that a suitable infrastructure is required when making such assessments.  Furthermore, we need to be dynamic and adapt our policies as the effects on the environment and on society are better evidenced and understood.

We also believe that we have an important role to play in society, promoting positive change and collaborating with other organisations while continuously educating ourselves. This, in turn, will benefit our clients.  Finally, a frequent dialogue with our clients is a critical part of the process, as we decide what the next step in this journey should be.

Please contact us for a copy of our Responsible Investing policy.

Responsible investing is embedded in our processes

Responsible investing is one of ARP’s investment principles and it is firmly embedded in our processes:

  • Our proprietary Responsible Investing Questionnaire is sent to prospective and allocated funds.
  • We have developed our own proprietary Responsible Investing Ratings and assess all funds we consider investing in.
  • We have a Responsible Investment Committee which meets on a quarterly basis.

ARP is a member of the UN PRI and each of the megatrends are linked to a number of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Last Stages of the Debt Supercycle

Changing Demographics

The Rising Gap between Rich and Poor

Rise of the East

The Era of Disruption

Climate Change